Buy Drip Tips (Pack of 3) in India.
Buy Drip Tips (Pack of 3) in India.

Drip Tips (Pack of 3)

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    V2 Drip Tips are the perfect accessory for your V2 Classic Blank Cartridges. They make filling and refilling with your favorite V2 Platinum E-Liquid a snap. Simply attach a V2 Drip Tip to the mouth-end of your Classic Blank Cartridge (without battery attached) and drip 15-20 drops of e-liquid into the Drip Tip hole to fully fill an empty cartridge. Attach your battery and enjoy!

    You can leave the Drip Tip on your Classic Blank or remove it.

    V2 Drip Tips are available in durable aluminum or soft rubber materials. All Drip Tips are sold in 3-packs Quantities.

    Which one is best for you?

    Aluminum Drip Tips are sleek and attractive, with smooth and durable aluminum construction.

    Rubber Drip Tips are affordable and long lasting, but soft and easy on the teeth. The soft rubber mimics the feeling of a cigarette filter in the mouth, preferred by those who enjoy leaving their Drip Tip on for frequent refilling.

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